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Descriptive research papers in the US is a kind of research that focuses on the analysis and evaluation of a particular aspect of a particular topic and may be qualitative or quantitative. The main goal of research is to provide information that can be used to solve issues and improve the quality of life.


Qualitative descriptive research is a crucial area of healthcare research. This type of research gives insight into a phenomenon and how it is perceived by healthcare professionals and patients. It is typically used to inform future health care practices.

You can conduct qualitative descriptive research by using a variety of methods, but the most common is the survey method. The objectives of the study will dictate the methodology employed to conduct a survey. Surveys involve collecting data by using questionnaires. Some surveys use online tools. There are other methods that may be employed for descriptive studies, such as observation.

To conduct a survey, you need to establish a clear strategy for the way that data will be collected. You also need to set out the parameters that you want to observe and the time it will take to gather the data.


Descriptive research is a method of collecting data to answer a range of questions. It is usually cross-sectional and uses a wide variety of methods of research. Some of the most common methods of gathering data include surveys and interviews, case studies, and observations.

The objective of descriptive research is to provide an accurate description of a phenomenon or group of variables. It aids in identifying patterns and trends. This type of study doesn’t provide answers as to the reason for a phenomenon or how it came about.

It is often compared with quantitative research, which is based on the analysis of data and measurements. Sometimes, the results of quantitative research are more generalizable than descriptive counterparts.

Another advantage of descriptive research is that it is non-invasive. For instance, it is able to be conducted in the respondent’s own environment. This allows researchers to collect large amounts of information in a short time. It is a popular tool for market research.

The background of the research issue

When writing a research paper it is important to identify the background of the research problem. This provides the background for the research and lets the reader determine the relevance of the research. It is important to show an understanding of the major issues.

The background section should be arranged in a sequential and logical manner. Avoid discussing themes in random order, since this can confuse the reader about the flow of the research.

The background section should be concise and include all the essential details. It should not be overly lengthy. A concise background helps readers to understand the relevance of the study and its conclusions.

To write a solid background on the research question first, determine the primary issue and the scope of the study. You should also be able to explain concepts and terms that are not familiar to you.

Observational method

A descriptive research method that employs observational techniques is a fantastic method of collecting data and answering questions. It’s also a cost-effective way to conduct a study. Marketing or awareness surveys often make use of descriptive research.

This method is designed to gather data on how and when things happen. Although it is an observational method it is not able to identify who decides. However, they are able to collect lots of information.

The use of observational studies is in a variety of fields, such as psychology, marketing or social sciences. They provide insight into human behavior in a natural setting.

There are two kinds of observational methods: quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative observation involves the collection of numbers and statistical data. Researchers can analyze the results by employing statistical methods.

A qualitative observation, on the other hand, is casual and informal. This kind of observation requires the recording and observation of all relevant behaviors.

Case studies

Case studies are a common method for collecting data. It is a comprehensive investigation of a particular person or group, and then leads to writemypapers org an hypothesis. However, it can also be a risky approach to making generalizations. This is because the study lacks statistical analysis.

This kind of research is recommended for those who can prove their methodology reliable. They must also ensure that the data is correctly interpreted.

This kind of research can be conducted in many ways. Focus groups, interviews field studies, other methods are all common.

Surveys can also be used for this kind of research. This type of study can also be done by companies to determine the target market for their product.

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